Beyond These Walls

Expanding God's Kingdom locally and across the globe

What Is Beyond These Walls?

After Jesus had risen from the dead and spent some weeks with his disciples, they asked him if it was finally the time when he would establish a heavenly kingdom on earth. Jesus told them it wasn’t really their concern. But he also told them what was: becoming his witnesses in their communities and throughout the world (Acts 1:6-9). Beyond These Walls is the way that we do exactly that. It’s not a campaign, it's who we are; it's in our DNA and our fabric as a church. Beyond These Walls initiatives have been the catalyst for visionary projects and ministry work over the past ten years.

Why Is This Important?

As Christians, we are often grieved at the injustices we see in a fallen world. But we are not called to hunker down in our churches and wait for Christ’s return. We are called to expand Christ’s kingdom in the way he enabled us to do it: by going out into our communities and world with the power of the Holy Spirit, and showing Christ’s love to the people we find there. That’s why Beyond These Walls matters so much - it enables The Bible Chapel to be an even greater witness for Christ in our communities and world.

Learn About Our Initiatives

For a five minute overview of what Beyond These Walls is, and a review of all of the initiatives, watch the overview video below. To dive deeper into each initiative, go through the Home, Community, National, and International initiative sections. Watch one, or watch them all! For more information, contact


Our Beyond These Walls Initiatives close on March 31, 2020.


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We know that in order to effectively send people and resources beyond our walls and impact others for Christ, we must ensure that things within our walls are healthy and thriving. Investment in our existing campuses and ministries is vital to the growth and development of our congregation, and the work being accomplished through each of us.

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As we look into our own backyard, we desire to share Christ’s love and the truth of his Word with our neighbors. From partnering with local organizations that are doing amazing work for the Kingdom to launching multi-sites to allow everyone in the Greater Pittsburgh area access to a Bible-believing church, we strive to pursue local initiatives that embed us into the fabric of our community and make a difference in people’s lives.

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Beyond our city and state lines, we find an entire country desperately in need of the gospel. And so, we don’t want to stop at ministering just to those in the Greater Pittsburgh area, but to partner with national organizations to make an even greater impact for the preborn, the unsaved, and the least of these.

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In Acts 1:8, Jesus commanded us to go to the ends of the earth, and we take that command to heart. Our international initiatives allow us to help carry the message of Christ to people in some of the darkest and most desperate places on the planet, while also providing for practical needs such as medical care, safety, education, and more.

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