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Let’s examine our authenticity in living out our faith.

Word in the World

What are the results when the Incarnate Christ and our culture collide? What does it really look like to apply the truth of the “Word became flesh" to the state of our world? Find out in this compelling Christmas series focused on current events and Christ’s sovereignty through the chaos.

J J and the Prophets

Over time, some things go out of style, lose relevance, and become forgotten memories from the past. But not always. Some things never go out of style and will always stand the test of time. Join us as we study some often forgotten but still relevant books of the Bible and see how God’s message to his people never changes.


Join us as we dive into the book of Hebrews and learn how the new covenant under Jesus Christ is greater than the covenant under Moses. We will strive to gain a clear understanding of Christ’s sacrifice, his supremacy, and his gift of salvation. Do you truly view him as greater than…everything?


Since the very beginning, God has been a faithful provider for his people, giving them all that they need to live each day. Thousands of years later, he is still providing for us in the same way.


General Admission 2016

In this life we will see tragedy, hurt and disappointment, but how we handle that trouble speaks volumes about where we find our identity.

Genesis: New Beginnings

This study of Genesis shows how God provided the original "new beginning," and how he can give you a new beginning too.


Video and audio from Palm Sunday and Easter Services at The Bible Chapel.

Friendship Weekend

Invite your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers to hear one of our Pittsburgh Steelers share about his relationship with Christ!