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Be Bold, Be You!

Posted by Jonathan Lingenhoel on

All of us experience fear at some point or another. For some, it’s the fear of heights or darkness that makes our stomachs churn. But for many, it is the fear of the unknown, rejection, speaking up, or failure that stops us in our tracks and keeps us from living the lives we are meant to...

Turning Point: D-Day and the Greatest Generation


Posted by Kurt DeMarino on

Today is the 75th anniversary of the Normandy Invasion (D-Day), and it brings so many things to my mind - G.I. Joe, Rosie the Riveter, and Kilroy Was Here, just to name a few. But D-Day was much more than that. It was the largest seaborne invasion in the history of man, and the major turning...

Your Christian Brand

Posted by Ron Moore on

According to a Pew Research poll of 35,000 Americans 18 years and older, 78.4% say they are Christians. That’s an impressive number…until you start to break it down. That’s what Ed Stetzer has down in his article, MissionTrends: 4 Trends for Churches to Consider. Stetzer...

Just Like It Was 2,000 Years Ago

Posted by Dave DiDonato on

Before becoming the Associate Pastor here at The Bible Chapel, Dave DiDonato led our Wilkinsburg Campus for five years. He wrote the following post back in 2016 to share how a moving story from the campus can encourage us to take action. Enjoy! Do you ever wonder sometimes what it was like to...

To Heal a City on a Hill


Posted by Jim McCarthy on

Almost 400 years ago, the leader of a small group fleeing religious persecution, although not a minister himself, gave a sermon on a ship, the Arabella, as it glided toward landfall to a place now known as Plymouth Rock. The sermon is famous for its use of this sentence, “We shall be as a...

His Presence

Posted by Ron Moore on

This was not what they had bargained for. The one who promised them life was now dead. The one who spoke of saving others, in the end, could not even save Himself. How was He going to prepare those promised heavenly mansions when His body lay in a cold, damp tomb? Was the burial place the...

Family Time Part 3: A Foundation for Parenting

Posted by Ted Mitchell on

In this three-part series devoted to family life, we’re looking at what it means to be a family man or woman by asking the question: “When it comes to my time and dedication, what does my life look like?” In part one we covered what our responsibility to God is as we lead our...