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How to Offer Comfort in Tragedy


Posted by Ryan Middleton on

I remember it vividly. The clock was counting down the final seconds. I was at a friend's house. A group of us was there. It was February 1, 2009. Super Bowl Sunday. The clock hit 0:00 and we were champs. For the first time in my lifetime, the Steelers won the Super Bowl! They'd beaten the...

Better? Or More Disciplined?

Posted by Julie Morris on

While watching the Olympics over the past few weeks, I have found myself marveling at how the athletes make the competition look so effortless and natural. It's easy to attribute their accomplishments or their abilities to their being blessed with a certain physique, or having natural...

Hiding from God

Posted by Vince Consoli on

There was a time in my life when I tried to hide from God. It was a little more than 10 years ago, and I was just beginning to attend this church. My wife and I and our three kids had discovered The Bible Chapel, and it was great - my kids enjoyed the Student Ministry and my wife and I enjoyed...

Be a Fool.


Posted by Paige Hoban on

This week while speaking with my eighth grade group (I volunteer in the Junior High Ministry), I got this heavy question from one of the girls: "How are we supposed to feel when a non-believer dies?" I've wrestled with this question in my own life - when I was in high...

Christ, Camaraderie, and Competition

Posted by Tunch Ilkin on

It's that time of year again, fellas: time for bocce! For the last six years as summer turns toward fall, the men of The Bible Chapel host a Bocce Night filled with pizza (we get the good stuff), friendly competition (suitable for both the Type A's and Type B's among us), some crazy shirts...

Lessons on Christianity from..."Psych"

Posted by Tom Rojahn on

Recently my wife and I came across the cable television show Psych on Netflix. Maybe you've seen it. If so, chances are you're cracking a smile right now remembering the mass moments of funny that occurred over the eight seasons it aired. For those of you who haven't heard of the program...

You're that big church


Posted by Vince Consoli on

Often when I tell people that I attend The Bible Chapel, their response is, "Oh, you're that big church." Here in western Pennsylvania, multi-site churches are not very common. So "big church" means "unusual church," and they're not sure they want to give us a try. In my work with the...

Headlights in the Dark

Posted by Zeb Thomas on

Psalm 119 was on my heart as I drove home one evening a while back. My windshield wipers were ticking rhythmically back and forth as I crested the country road that descends the steep hill down to my house. I half-smiled as I pulled the car to a complete stop. "Let’s see how far I get," I...

Just Like It's 2,000 Years Ago

Posted by Dave DiDonato on

Do you ever wonder sometimes what it was like to be part of the early Church during the first or second century? What it was like to be part of this movement of Christianity as it was just getting started, under heavy persecution yet still spreading like wildfire to the "ends of the...