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What are You ‘Stuffing’ this Christmas Season?

Posted by Rob Rucker on

We stuff more than just stockings at Christmas.  We stuff our homes, offices, mailboxes, social media, calendars, and cars with gifts, cards, messages, candles, cherubs, greenery, sentimental songs, nostalgic moments, hectic schedules, and colorful anything. Oh. And money. There’s a...

Unselfie Christmas: Coaching Tips

Posted by on

This Christmas season, we are collecting your coaching tips for how to have an ‘unselfie’ Christmas. Below is a running list of your submissions so far. We pray this list is inspirational, and helps you to develop some of your own ‘unselfie’ Christmas traditions! Check...

Giving Thanks in the Storm

Posted by Brad Rine on

On Sunday, August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina slammed into the Gulf Coast and delivered a crushing blow to the city of New Orleans. As far as hurricanes go, Katrina was a beast. Katrina’s size, strength, and the angle at which she hit New Orleans combined to make her the storm the city had...

Be the Peace in a Divided World

Posted by Bob Freado on

We live in an age where many find it difficult to carry on a civil conversation with others who hold to different political views or faith traditions. The powerful and pervasive mass media, social media, and a seemingly on-going decline of traditional values are just a few of the common sources...

How to Study the Bible Part 5: Bible Study Methods


Posted by Nate Edwards on

In the previous installment of this How to Study the Bible series, I addressed the question of how fast one should read the Bible. My suggestion was to alternate; engage in a Bible reading plan each year that takes you through the whole story, then pick out a few books that you want to focus on...

When Autocorrect Leads to Life Change

Posted by Maria Stockman on

For years I’ve heard about hosting “Christmas Gatherings,” where you share Jesus with your neighbors by inviting them over for coffee, snacks, and conversation during the holidays. Hosting such an event sounded nice, but I lived with my mom, I didn’t talk to my neighbors...

Retreat Toward Life Change

Posted by Jeremy Adams on

I love Jesus. And the reason I love Him is because I learned of His love for me when I was on a weekend retreat at just 12 years old. I went on that retreat to hang out with friends and have a fun weekend, but little did I know that this Jesus I had learned about in children’s ministry was...

Feeling stuck? Do Something!

Posted by Ron Moore on

Fall is here. The temperature is dropping, the leaves are turning, the days are getting shorter, and the kids are fully settled into their routines after the first month back to school. Such is the changing of seasons; beyond our control, yet refreshing – a welcome change of scenery that...

When Fear Comes, Fight Back!

Posted by Ron Moore on

Fear is inevitable. How we deal with our fear - that is the issue. Will we become spiritually paralyzed, refusing to embrace what God has for us? Will we run away from God to find our comfort in unhealthy places, or will we erupt like a volcano burning everyone in our path with harmful words and...