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The work begins

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Hello all, Thank you for your continued prayer and support! Today the Lord answered many of your prayers in wonderful ways, and I am confident that He will continue to do so over the next several days! Our team was split up into two groups today. One half went to one of the larger universities...

Training Day


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What an exciting day we have under our belt!  It has been such a learning experience to hear about the cultural differences between the Hungarian culture and our own.  We started the day with an amazing breakfast provided by the hotel, and it was FAR BEYOND any breakfast in...

Day 1/2


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Hello again, Last night at the airport was full of good talks and almost missing our plane! Thank you, Lord, for your guidance so that we could make it on time! We landed safely in Budapest, Hungary at about 1:30 p.m. (European time) with decent sleep and all of our luggage! We are so excited...

Sr. High Long Island Trip Day 5

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Hi everyone, Before you read, I want to give a special announcement as we wrap up this trip and final blog post. In the student blog posts you’ll read below, you will hear first and foremost everyone is ok! We had a few students and a leader get caught in a rip current at the beach and...

Sr. High Long Island Trip Day 4

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Welcome back to Day 4 of our mission trip blog! Crew 3 (Miles): My group was placed at the house of a man named Brian. The main thing we worked on today and yesterday was the flooring in one of the upstairs rooms. This room already had some flooring in it, but there was not enough to finish the...

Sr. High Long Island Trip Day 3

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Welcome back to our mission trip blog! Here are Day 3's highlights: Crew 3 (Belle): Today, my crew and I worked on the same house that we did for the past two days. We painted baseboards, grouted tiles, replaced some flooring, and fixed up doorframes. We had several conflicts with the flooring...

Sr. High Long Island Trip Day 2

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Welcome back! Here are some of today's highlights from each of our crews. Crew 3 (Caleb P): Today I helped out with a man named Brian. Brian’s home was devasted in hurricane Sandy. I helped them with painting and sanding a door frame so that later on this week we can paint the door...

Sr. High Long Island Trip Day 1


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Group 7 (Alyssa) – Today my group (Elaina, Sophie, Coleman, Nathan, Caleb B, Mack, and Duane as out leader) went to a woman named Cira’s house to do flooring in her bedroom. We started out our day by walking to Cira’s house and when we got there we started tearing up the...

The final day on the mountain top

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Just like that a whole week of mission work has finished! Seems just like yesterday that we were arriving at ASP, uncertain of what God was going to do, but He sure did more than we ever could have expected! Today we spent the last day with our families working on the projects that we had begun...