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Hold Music

Posted by Team Leader on

As we write this, we’ve just safely landed in Miami, FL. We praise God for this, because yes ,we always ask for travel mercies but even more so today. I say this because late last night, our team leader, Dave decided to look at our flight status and discovered that our original 5:45 am...

Lifting Each Other Up

Posted by Jenn Booth on

“If either of them falls down, one can help the other up.  But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up.” -Ecclesiastes 4:10 One thing I was struck by in my time at AIC Zion is how the students and staff really care for one another. From “The Baby Class&rdquo...

Maasai Friday

Posted by Team Leader on

We spent the day Friday treating the children of Class 7 to a field trip to Maasai area. We began by visiting a small church there, where we had great greeting, a time of fellowship, singing, dancing, and prayer. This church is in a small, temporary location but has been able to acquire a piece...

Mathare Slum Home Visits

Posted by Team Leader on

Getting to share the gospel and the love of Christ in people’s homes was an experience like no other. Here is a blog post by Mike McGuire: Today (Thursday) was an amazing day which began by entering the slum to visit some of the AIC kids homes to share the gospel message of our Lord to a...

Video Blog: Arriving Daily at Zion

Posted by Jenn Booth on

    Above are three very short videos to show you what it is like to arrive at Zion each day. From the famous blue gates to the school children awaiting our arrival, and the songs they were singing when we arrived. These kids are learning at a very young age whose they are! It's been...

Let Us Go To Zion

Posted by Ryan Middleton on

This has been a great week so far at AIC Zion. We have spent a majority of our time on the grounds at AIC Zion. The newly purchased land that is in the middle of the primary school classrooms has been the focal point of our manual labor this trip. We were surprised when we showed up and saw that...

Kenya Day 2

Posted by Jaclyn Royall on

It’s hard to put into words the emotions you feel during this trip. Honestly, I know every day we will all be hit with new waves of emotions as we encounter new people and experiences. While we have seen the slums and met the children from there, we have yet to go beyond AIC Zion and into...

Sunday at AIC Zion

Posted by Ryan Middleton on

Our first day at AIC Zion was amazing.  Church services for 6+ hours, focused on prayer: praying for vision of AIC Zion, the needs of the people, and praying about ways to reach the Massai people.  The six first-timers on the trip made lots of friends and our two veterans were...

In Nairobi

Posted by Ryan Middleton on

On the ground in Nairobi, at our hotel now. Will be getting up in a few hours for Sunday church activities at AIC Zion. More exciting blog posts to come!