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Day five on the mountain top

Posted by David Brennan on

Today my group continued to take up floors in our resident’s living room, and we were blessed to put down the third row of flooring! As I think of memorable moments on the trip, I remember karaoke night with Brad! Watching him dance and sing to Taylor Swift was for sure interesting!...

Day four on the mountain top


Posted by David Brennan on

Today we worked on hanging up the blue foam, but we got way more done today since there wasn’t as much rain as yesterday! One thing I am enjoying on this trip is the ability to hang out with those in our groups and the leaders we have! I have learned that working hands on is really...

Day three on the mountain top

Posted by David Brennan on

Today my group had the opportunity to serve by starting our porch project!  After we took off the old one, we began building the frame for the next porch. One new thing I learned today was how to use a pickaxe, which was great because we got to pickaxe some rocks as we dug new holes for the...

Day two on the mountain top


Posted by David Brennan on

Monday was full of great experiences! My group went to a state park and we cleaned out an old barn and a bunch of brush in order to fill it with hay for the buffalo. We also had a bunch of metal to clean up where I got a tick, but we got it out!  We were also able to take a group photo...

Day one on the mountain top


Posted by Brad Sommerfeldt on

Thank you very much for your prayers for our safety and community. Praise God we had an uneventful trip getting down to ASP. The students received a preview of what projects their groups will be doing during the week, and tomorrow they will receive further instructions. Some of the projects...

Thailand Spring 2019- Day 4- Thai Guest House

Posted by Heather Magnotti on

Answered prayers! It took weeks for Maria to obtain legal permission for the girls to be able to travel outside of Mae Sot during our time here with them. In fact, final approval was just days before we arrived! So, this morning we packed everyone up and drove about 3 hours north right outside...

Thailand Spring 2019 trip - Day 3 at Faith House

Posted by Brenda Tenison on

What a fun day with the girls today! This morning was spent learning about beauty on the outside and beauty on the inside.  Lisa Anne Harmon was gracious to donate makeup from her business with Mary Kay to teach the girls about skin care and about makeup.  We talked about Psalm 145...

Thailand Spring 2019 - Day 2 at Faith House


Posted by Dee Johnson on

Heather led our 4th lesson with the Faith House girls “The Princess and her Papa King” from our storybook Princess Lost. A tale about a Princess Regina who gets captured by goblins and then released through the sacrifice of her grandmother. As the girls listened to the close...