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And So It Begins (Panama Women)

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We walked through the streets of Casco Viejo and saw Panama from the shore line. Traci took us past some people selling things and we talked to a man and woman. Traci shared the gospel with them and both accepted Christ. It was such a good reminder to stop where you are and share Jesus with...

Midweek Reflection (Hungary Trip)


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Hello dear readers, it's Scott Cowden again. Now that we are half way though our trip to Hungary I wanted to take a moment to stop and reflect a bit before going into the excitement of another fulfilling day.  When I first decided that I wanted to go on this crazy trip to Hungary, I really...

Hit the Ground Running

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We arrived safely to Panama on Wednesday afternoon and became fast friends with Traci. Our entire team are first timers to Panama.  Wednesday night we went to Curundu where friends of Traci work. They feed the homeless in the ghetto on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday each week. They let us...

Stressed Out


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One of our longer days is in the books! We have survived. Today’s writing is being brought to you by me. I go by many names, your child may call me Miss Julee, your student may call me Mrs. Hunter, if you’ve met my husband he will tell you I only answer to...

A Little Less American

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Hi, How are you? THE American greeting we have been warned never to use. Asking will either provide enough information about a Hungarian to fill out their medical history form or if we say this in passing, we will offend. The Hungarian will feel we are rude to ask a question but not wait for a...


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Hello everyone! First, let me start off by thanking the amazing supporters we have! Our team was tremendously blessed with financial support, and we clearly feel your prayer support. Please keep praying for us. We do need your prayer support as it pertains to sleep. Several of us have been...

Day One (Hungary trip)


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Hello all, My name is Jonathan, and my wife and I grew up in Hungary as the children of global workers. We have two wonderful kids (Saphira 5 and Emerson 2) and another one on the way due in February. This evening we began what I believe will be a wonderful week of sharing God's Word and seeing...

Hungary Trip Departure

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I'll start off this blog with a simple thank you.  Thank you to everyone that has supported us to make this trip possible.  It's only because of all the people that donated, prayed for us, and helped us that we are able to embark on this little adventure to spread God's word. I should...

Panama Trip Recap

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My name is Dawson. I know, it’s me… again. So, to all of my fans out there, I am back with another brilliant piece of literature riddled with twists and turns you will never expect. This is unfortunately the last time I will be writing to you. The end of the trip is here and...

Panama Day Ten

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Over the past couple days in Panama, it has been crazy to see God working in the hearts of all the people we come across. Even yesterday when we went to the beach, Traci found a way to share the gospel with the beach patrol officer, five construction workers, and a man selling bracelets on the...