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Day two on the mountain top

Posted by David Brennan on

Monday was full of great experiences! My group went to a state park and we cleaned out an old barn and a bunch of brush in order to fill it with hay for the buffalo. We also had a bunch of metal to clean up where I got a tick, but we got it out!  We were also able to take a group photo where I had the prime spot of laying on the ground. One new thing I learned was how to work a caulking gun. I am really looking forward to working with my group to build a deck for a family! If you could, please be praying for the  safety of the group as we go out and serve others and share the love of God to those in need. - Wesley Brehm

My first day at ASP was full of amazing experiences! One of those experiences was that my group had a morning chore of breakfast cleanup. This was a great experience for us to bond together and serve together! Another experience I had was that we had training on the usage of power tools, where I learned how to use the miter saw where I got to keep a little piece of wood as a souvenir. I also got to go with the group to pull weeds at a community center where I was spraying myself with bug spray in order to avoid a tick! My prayers for the rest of the week is that we all cooperate with our groups and try our hardest to be a light for Jesus! - Jennifer Hill


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Mariah T Hill Jun 17, 2019 9:30pm

We your church family are so proud of you all

Barbara Fischer Jun 18, 2019 12:56pm

Awesome to see young people willing to leave their"comfort zones" to serve others who are less fortunate. May the LORD bless each one of them in a way that will grow and strengthen their faith.The LORD bless all leaders and volunteers and strengthen all of you in mind, body and spirit. Praying daily for all of you.